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Developers or creative agency? BlueGhost’s team has advantages of both. It is composed by 20 specialists: Programmers and IT magicians, analysts, marketers, designers and content experts.

"Cooperation takes place on a professional level. BlueGhost performs all tasks in due time and with the highest quality. People in the team are well-oriented on the Internet market and are very creative.”

Petr Nagy, Heineken Czech Republic

"Cooperation with external developers is sometimes slower and more expensive than realization within the team. This is not the case of BlueGhost. His flexibility and speed are the advantages why we have been cooperating with them for a long time. ”

Marek Brumlich, Heureka Shopping

WebTop 100 Awards! During the years 2015, 2016 and 2017, five projects from BlueGhost workshop were among the best Czech websites.

Google Partner Certification is intended for agencies with provable experience and knowledge in online advertising and marketing.

Don't be afraid to let us know! BlueGhost will invite you to coffee, will listen to your plans, and will outline the options. All of this for free, of course.

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